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(TVSL) is now Accepting Team Applications for 2009!

Posted Fri Oct 24, 2008 - 08:55 AM

The Treasure Valley Soccer League, team application is now open to all men and women soccer teams regardless of previous league affiliation. The TVSL has set an ambitious goal to unify the sport in Idaho and launched an aggressive effort to offer the first real solution to the challenges facing teams around the state. With that goal to unify the sport in mind, the TVSL is opening the door to all teams.

All men and women soccer teams are respectfully invited to apply for a 2009 TVSL team membership. Additionally, teams that secure their TVSL membership before December 1, 2008 will receive a reduced first year (2009) annual fee. League fees are $1500 per season. If teams register before the above date they will receive a discount of $250.

Each new team will be aligned by city and region into a division with other TVSL teams. Each team will be able to offer their players, fans, and sponsors the best possible soccer experience with the added benefit and support of a respected soccer organization, the TVSL.

We will take great care in awarding memberships only to those teams that meet the highest level of quality both on and off the field. That quality can be found in all markets regardless of size, so we want to make sure everyone is given the best opportunity to create success.

Each team is required to secure and provide location of their own home field, provide league with team name and logo, and register each player with our league previous to the start of the season.

The TVSL will give every sooccer team, and every TVSL player the opportunity to be their best. There will be playoffs and a Championship game for men and women depending on quantity of teams. The league will be a platform to selecting players to play for our premier team that will represent Idaho in the United Soccer League (USL).

If you would like to receive a registration form to apply for a TVSL membership please email me @

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