Steps to building a successful team...

1. Register on the TVSL website,

2. Register Team Name and Mascot. (Must represent a city or area)

3. Download registration form and submit to League Office.

4. Send league fees along with registration form to League office ($1500 after Dec 1, 2008 and $1250 before Dec. 1 2008) Deadline December 31, 2008.

5. Get logo created by Ballyhoo Marketing for $150. ($300 value)

6. Wait for league approval

7. Hold tryouts in your area. (Charge tryout fees, $15-20 recommended)

8. Recruit a minimum of 16 players. (Maximun 24) charge player fees, $80-$100 recommended!

9. Submit roster to league. Each player needs to purchase a players card. ($10- team owner is responsible to collect)

10. Order team uniforms.

11. Obtain home field and submit to league.

12. Obtain 5 officials in your area and submit names to league.

13. Obtain Sponsorships for team expenses.

14. Market your team and grow with our league!

Various icons used from the Silk Icons library.